We believe in overcoming everyday challenges.

Your dreams for the future are within reach.

We have the same products and services as any bank or loan provider. It's our heart that makes GOLD different. The whole reason GOLD exists is to benefit our members. Banks? They're in business to make money.

Our mission is to help you achieve your vision of financial success, whatever it looks like to you. Those goals for your future? We want to hear about them so we can help you get there. Our interactions with you are purposeful and have your best interest at heart.

Have you ever been automatically declined for a loan by a computer? Not at GOLD. Every single application is explored by a dedicated GOLD employee. You are so much more than your credit score. 


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We believe people should help each other.

Where will you go with GOLD on your side?

Money can't buy happiness, but it sure can cause a lot of stress, especially when you feel like no one is on your side. If your bank treats you like a pest, adds insult to injury by charging you fees, and couldn't care less about your financial future, you need GOLD.

You are important here; equal in standing to any other member, no matter your account balance. We believe breaking free from money worries will change your world and ripple out into the community you live in. GOLD is here to provide service and education that will help you take charge of your financial future and achieve financial freedom.

Banking that has your back

We believe you should enjoy life.

Banks are history. GOLD Credit Union is the future.

What's the real difference between banks and credit unions? Is this all just a bunch of feel-good nonsense? Nope. Credit unions are different at the core. Watch and see:

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We believe you can achieve financial freedom.

We believe in YOU!

You are the reason we're here. We get up and come to work each day because we believe we can make a difference in our members' lives and in our community—the GOLDen Community. 

Our Vision

As a collaboration of equals, we believe that personal financial freedom can change the world.

Through service, education, innovation, and transparency, GOLD Credit Union creates opportunity for every member today and for the world tomorrow.

Our Mission

We empower our members to achieve personal financial success, as they define it.

We listen intently, advise earnestly, and act purposefully, always with our member’s best interests at heart.

We dedicate ourselves to service of the individual member, of our trusted team, and to the community around us.

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Do you want GOLD on your side?

We're here for you. Come on in.

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