How to Structure Your CDs in Uncertain Times

January 18, 2021

CD Investing When the Economic Outlook is Uncertain

CDs are a great investment option for a low-risk threshold, but how should you approach your strategy when rates are low and the outlook is uncertain?

How to Save for a House While Renting

Buying a Home - January 04, 2021

How to Save for a House While Renting

It can be a challenge to save up for a down payment when you’re paying rent. While it sounds stressful, with the right strategy, you can make buying your first home a reality sooner.

Practical Strategies for Building an Emergency Fund

Saving Your Money - December 21, 2020

Building an Emergency Fund When it Feels Impossible

Emergency savings are crucial for protecting your financial security. Don’t put off preparing for unexpected financial emergencies.

Holiday Spending Tips for Less Stress

Budgeting - December 07, 2020

5 Spending Tips to Bring You Less Stress (and More Joy!) This Holiday Season

In 2020, the holidays are more stressful than usual. We’ve got smart spending tips to bring you more joy this season. Get #GOLDHolidayReady.

We Can Do Big Things

Straight from the CEO's Heart - November 30, 2020

Together, We Can Do Big Things

Credit unions are all about working together toward a common good. Cooperation is how GOLD works and what helps Members achieve their financial goals faster.

Making Virtual College Successful

Saving Your Money - November 23, 2020

6 Strategies for a Virtual College Experience

2020 college freshman weren’t expecting their first semester of college to be happening at home. But that’s the 2020 reality. Here are 6 tips for rolling with it. 

Refinancing Mortgage as a Home Equity Loan

Buying a Home - November 09, 2020

Refinancing Your Mortgage as a Home Equity Loan

Refinancing your mortgage as a home equity loan could save you money and help pay off your home faster. These 3 factors determine whether it’s a good idea for you.

Late Auto Loan Payments

Automotive - October 26, 2020

Behind on Auto Payments? You’re Not Alone. Here’s How to Handle It

If you're worried about making payments on your car loan, you're not alone. Our partners at GreenPath Financial Wellness have options that can help you develop an appropriate course of action.

Hiring People Heart GOLD

Straight from the CEO's Heart - October 19, 2020

Our People Bring GOLD's Heart to Life

Without people to walk the walk, GOLD’s beliefs are just talk. We hire and train with intention to cultivate a team with heart.

Your Budget Needs Sinking Fund

Budgeting - October 12, 2020

Budgeting Beyond the Month: Sinking Funds

Monthly budgeting is essential, but what about expenses that don’t fit the monthly mold? That’s what a sinking fund is for.

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