For more than 80 years, GOLD Credit Union has proudly been providing members with financial opportunities, tools, solutions, and resources to help turn dreams into realities. Credit unions, like GOLD, embrace the philosophy of “people helping people.” It’s something we hold near and dear to our hearts. We exist to help people. It’s at the core of everything we do.
Credit unions empower people to reach their goals, find financial success, and live out their dreams. But most of all, we love and care about our members. We hope the feeling is mutual, but if you need a little refresher as to why you should love your friendly neighborhood credit union (wink, wink!), I’ve got some reasons that can reinforce it for you.

Credit Unions are for You

At a credit union, you’re not just another customer or number, you’re a member. We know you are looking for more than just an institution to help manage your money—you want a place that takes care of you; a place you can trust. At a credit union, your membership makes you an owner, so you have the opportunity to be involved in the decisions that are made. Your money does not go to line the pockets of corporate shareholders, it goes back to YOU and your community.

Credit Unions are Not-for-Profit

Credit unions are financial cooperatives, which means your money works harder for you and the entire membership overall. Essentially, your money helps build a stronger and more prosperous community by fulfilling dreams like helping an individual buy a new vehicle, families get into a new home, or an entrepreneur open their own business. Your success is our success.

Better Member Benefits

From the outside, banks and credit unions look like they offer many of the same types of financial services but they are very different when it comes to how those services are provided. When you’re a member at a credit union, you’ll get to experience the benefits firsthand through personalized financial assistance, lower loan rates, high savings rates, better mortgage accessibility, minimal to no fees, and most importantly, exceptional member service.

You’re the Top Priority

When you’re a member of a credit union, you are the top focus and number one priority. Remember the “people helping people” philosophy I mentioned earlier? That significantly comes into play here as it relates to exceptional, attentive member service.
Credit unions strive to create meaningful relationships with their members because they truly care and want to help you. You’ll always be greeted by a friendly, welcoming team who greets you by name, takes the time to get to know you, understands your financial situation and history, and provides you with the solutions you need to move forward at every stage of your financial journey. Whether you’re trying to build good credit, apply for a loan, open your first checking account, or open a savings account for your kids, a credit union is a place you can trust and is always ready to help.

Credit Building Opportunities

Credit unions go above and beyond to get you the products and services you need to move forward. For example, do you need a loan, but your credit’s not currently in the best spot? While banks may not be as willing to work with you, credit unions are often happy to lend a helping hand to guide you in the right direction if possible (once again proving that they truly embody the “people helping people” philosophy).
Most credit unions have less strict loan requirements and are willing to work with you on a plan that’ll get you approved so you can start building good credit. Some even have specific lending solutions that could help get your credit and dreams back on track.

Credit Unions Give Back

Credit unions are significant community contributors and supporters. We’re dedicated to strengthening our community and helping build it up to be a better place for everyone that lives, works, worships, and attends school here. Many credit unions, GOLD included, offer scholarship programs for continuing education, educational resources for today’s youth and those in need of guidance, and financial support to many local organizations whose mission and vision align with our own.

Convenient Account Access

Like banks, credit unions make it just as easy for you to access your accounts from the comfort of your home or on the go. You can use digital banking platforms to access your account and talk to friendly support staff and access your money 24/7 through ATM networks nationwide.  

Your Money is Secure

As you work on building your savings, you can be confident in knowing that your money is safe in the credit union. Your funds are secured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) for up to $250,000.

Joining is Easy

Credit unions try their best to make it easy for you to become a member. Most offer eligibility requirements based on where you live or work.
Perhaps some of these reasons I’ve laid out today are ones you were already familiar with, and others that made you go, “Hmmm.” Whether you’re looking to open your first account at a financial institution or ditch your bank and join a credit union, at GOLD Credit Union we can’t wait to have you as our newest member.
Remember, we’re here to guide you every step of the way as you embark on your financial journey. All that’s left for you to do is call, click, chat, tap, or visit us today to make the most of your membership.

Jenn Gora

Jenn Gora

Jenn is the Chief Communications Officer at GOLD. In her role, she directs the marketing and communication activities that assist in GOLD’s Membership growth. Jenn believes wholeheartedly in GOLD’s mission and is extremely proud to be part of a team that exists to help the community and change people’s lives. 

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