Have you ever walked into a bank and come out with more questions than you originally went in there with? ... You probably have, and it's a frustrating experience that can leave you feeling like no one has your back. The good news is you have choices.

Credit unions have been around a while and have stepped up where regular banks fail to meet your needs. With more than 100 million members and growing, credit unions have helped many, like you, jump-start a financial future that’s right for them. What about you? What does your future look like?

Maybe you haven't ever considered joining a credit union for your banking needs. Well, let me tell you why you should think about it!

Why Credit Unions are the Better Choice

Life gets crazy sometimes, but your finances don’t have to. A trustworthy credit union makes that part of your life much easier. Friendly experts and consultants (like the ones at GOLD) will listen, advise, and assist you in achieving your financial goals. We’ll walk you through those big financial steps—like buying a house—and all the paperwork that comes with them. Banking with a credit union means someone has your back, and you get a clear vision of next steps for financial success.

With a credit union, the focus is on you. Helping you meet your financial goals, guiding you toward reaching your dreams, assisting you with becoming successful in whatever way you define it. At GOLD, you’re not a customer or a number; you’re a Member—part of a community of everyday, hard-working people expecting a bright future.

Being a Member at GOLD isn’t the same as being a member of your local warehouse-store. Your Membership makes you an owner of GOLD. Our owners? They’re the only group of stakeholders we report to. The fees and high loan rates at the big banks are there to profit the bigwigs. Credit unions are not for profit. We offer higher investment returns and lower loan rates because your success is our success. And fees? While banks make a significant portion of their profit off fees, we keep them to the bare minimum.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a bank that makes your money work for you—a place where the staff is actually on your side? Well, it’s not a bank you need at all; you need a credit union. You need GOLD. We’ll connect with you on your terms, your way. You can go further and faster with us, shifting the course of your financial future.

Getting the Most from a Credit Union

Break free from financial frustrations and take back control by becoming a GOLD Credit Union Member owner. It’s our mission to filter out the noise and pointless fees and instead deliver trustworthy financial solutions in a way that’s simple and efficient for you.

Let us be your advisor from your very first paycheck straight into retirement. We’ll see you through the good times and the hard times of life. We’re the support system that’ll always be there to help you with the big decisions, like buying a home or investing for the future. Whether you're looking to eliminate debt or saving for that boat you’ve always wanted to sail across the Atlantic, we’ll help you realize those dreams—whatever they may be for you. We’ll work with you in whatever financial capacity or situation you’re in.

GOLD is not a bank. We’re not here to profit off you. Our earnings belong to our Members and get you the best deals and rates, and way fewer fees.

Want to learn how to make your money work harder than ever? Join GOLD Credit Union.

Credit Unions Today

Not only are credit unions focused on you, they’re also focused on making access to your money easy and safe, and that’s exactly what we do at GOLD.

Need cash? We have over 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs in the U.S. and worldwide. Your GOLD Debit Card and Credit Card work wherever there’s a VISA® logo.

Bank from anywhere in the world at any time through GOLD Online Banking and the GOLD App. No need to dash into the branch to make a transaction or deposit a check. Of course, we’re always happy to see you in person at our branches too—we’ll take care of your transactions, chat about your goals, and share a cup of coffee. We’re waiting by the phone when you need a human voice, but don’t want to get in your car. Wherever you are, we’ll be there for you.

Concerned about keeping your money safe? Cybercrime is on the rise, but credit unions, like GOLD, aren’t sitting idly by. With the latest safety and prevention against identity theft and fraud, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got your back with NCUA insurance for your deposits, too. Think of us as your money’s personal security guard who’s on duty all the time. We may be smaller, but your money is just as safe with us as with a mega bank.

Make the Switch Today

As your trusted partner, GOLD Credit Union is here to help you through all of life’s financial choices and challenges. From everyday banking to lending, investing, and insuring against the unexpected, we’re here for you. We’re all about making you a success story—however that looks in your eyes.

For a personal touch and exceptional service, join GOLD Credit Union today and start taking advantage of your new financial secret weapon. We’re the smarter choice when you’re looking for honest advice and ready to turn your goals into amazing results. Already a Member? Set your family members up for success too. Your spouse, kids, parents, siblings, grandparents, and grandkids are all eligible through you. Step and adoptive relations too!

Have questions? We’ve got answers!


Stephanie Groller

Stephanie Groller

Stephanie is the Branch Experience Leader at GOLD. She supports and directs Member-facing branch staff, empowering our team to provide all Members with a five-star experience. She strives to inspire and motivate Members and staff alike to achieve their aspirations. Playing a part in the success and growth of GOLD and our Members is what Stephanie considers the ultimate reward.

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