Credit unions are all about helping the little guy do big things. Just last month, GOLD accomplished something very big, and it was 100% thanks to the power of individuals working together. We were named the Top Credit Union and Top Mortgage Lender in LVB’s 2020 Reader Rankings competition. We are far from the largest credit union in the Lehigh Valley, but through the power of our Members’ individual votes, we were named the best. 

Cooperation is defined as “the process of working together to the same end." When cooperation is informed by a shared mission and vision, the little guy can achieve big things. Big things like winning the Reader Rankings vote, sure, but also the big things that really matter. 

When you’re part of GOLD, you’ve got the whole credit union on your side. We’re all here to build each other up and help you reach your goals for the future faster.

How Does Credit Union Cooperation Work?

Members deposit money into their accounts at GOLD. This helps them conveniently save, manage, and spend their money. You might not have ever thought about it but getting by in the world without bank accounts would be really hard. The world has gone plastic and digital, and trying to operate with purely cash is challenging and expensive (but still a reality for many in the United States). As the world evolves, GOLD maintains a commitment to evolving our products, services, technology, and expertise along with it. 

Have you ever wondered what credit unions/banks do with the money Members deposit there? Sure, we process transactions and keep it safe, but it’s a lot of money … what does it all do? 

We use it to make loans for Members. We charge interest on those loans (though much lower interest than you’ll find most other places). That interest is how we make income. The income is then reinvested in GOLD and our Members by paying to keep the credit union running (building expenses, systems and equipment, employee salaries, etc.). It also goes back into Members’ accounts in the form of the dividends we pay out for savings, checking, and share certificate accounts. Profits are used to improve our systems and benefits to Members.

So, you see, all the aspects of GOLD work together to benefit the Members. Because of each other, you have a safe and convenient place to bank, dividends paid out on your deposits, and technology and services that are continuously improved. You have access to fair, low-interest loans made by a lender who views every applicant as a human worthy of care and attention. You have a dedicated staff that shows up with heart to serve the Members that they very literally work for.

How Does the Credit Union Work for Me? 

GOLD helps you reach your dreams faster because of the cooperative model that has both the whole and the individual in focus. The staff at GOLD is part of that circle of cooperation, and we operate and make decisions as humans who report to our Members. That human service and individual attention empower Members to take charge of their finances, plot a course for where they want to go, and take the steps to make it a reality. 

GOLD is here for each step of your journey. 1. Build your financial foundation with the essential banking accounts. 2. Become financially savvy through our many educational resources including the blog, seminars, one-on-one advice from our staff, personal financial counseling available through our partnership with GreenPath, and more resources. 3. Work toward your goals with saving and investment strategies. 4. Take big steps like a new car, new house, college, home renovations and much more with loans. 

If ever you get off track and are struggling to find your way back; remember – that’s why we’re here.

Cheryl Bartholomew

Cheryl Bartholomew

Cheryl has been the President & CEO at GOLD since 2009 and has over 39 years of banking experience. She ensures the happiness of all Members through positive experiences that exceed their expectations, regardless of whether it's a simple phone call, electronic transaction, or face-to-face interaction. She strives to provide a positive work environment for her employees so they continue to go above and beyond for Members. She works closely with Member Volunteers (Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee) and makes sure they feel appreciated for their contributions in setting up our Members for success. Cheryl believes that all Members can be empowered to take control of their financial well-being, and she's proud to say that we at GOLD are confident in helping them do that.

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