For when budgeting isn't enough

Maybe your mechanic tells you that you need a new timing belt. Or you go to do a load of laundry and find your basement flooded up to your ankles. Perhaps your refrigerator and freezer break down, spoiling all of the food inside.

We've all had that moment of panic: How am I supposed to pay for this?!

Even the best budgeter will face unexpected expenses from time to time. Especially if your income fluctuates from month to month, these unwelcomed surprises can leave you scrambling to pay your bills on time.

A GOLD Personal Line of Credit (PLOC)1 can help you ease this stress. An unsecured, revolving line of credit available for up to $50,000, your PLOC gives you the comfort of having funds available whenever you need it.

Rates Effective 07/01/2020

GOLD Personal Line of Credit
Term APR1 as low as
Revolving 6.75% Variable Rate2
Credit Union eligibility and Membership are required prior to opening an account or loan. Rate and loan amount vary based on credit review. Not all applicants will qualify for approval. Other fees, terms, and conditions may apply. For variable rate products, after approval your rate is subject to change at any time without notice. Rates will vary with the market based on Prime Rate plus qualifying margin. See Credit Union for details.
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GOLD Personal Line of Credit (PLOC)

Typically cheaper than cash advances through a high-interest credit card, a PLOC is a flexible, all-in-one solution for meeting your seasonal needs. Perfect for managing unexpected expenses, many of our Members also use their PLOC as overdraft protection for their GOLD Checking Account and as a supplement to their emergency fund.

With a PLOC from GOLD, you'll enjoy:

  • A credit limit of up to $50,000 
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Interest paid only on what you use
  • No application or annual fee
  • Continued access to funds with a single approval process
  • Easy access to your funds via Online Banking and the GOLD App
  • Overdraft protection for GOLD Checking, linked to dedicated checks and your GOLD Debit Card (optional)


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Need a Home Equity Line?

Use the equity in your home to secure an even lower interest rate with a GOLD Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). Like with a GOLD Personal Line of Credit, you can use a HELOC for home repairs, unexpected expenses, and more costly or long-term purchases.

Apply for a GOLD Personal Line of Credit (PLOC) to get instant access to cash.

Or call 484-223-4216 to receive a free quote, to ask questions, and to apply today. The best time to apply is before you need it.

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