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Sometimes the thing you need the most to keep moving forward is cash, pure and simple. Life doesn’t always go how you plan—emergency expenses, medical bills, home repairs, or large purchases can pop up unexpectedly. When your savings account comes up short, a personal loan can get you the cash you need.

Maybe you’ve been dealt more than your fair share of the unexpected and have found yourself with credit card debt and bills you don’t know how to climb out from. Our Lending team can help you figure out a plan to consolidate your debts and pay them off with your personal loan.

Everyone’s situation is a little different, and we have personal loan options to make sure you get the right fit. For a short-term financial hiccup, the GOLD Hardship Loan can get you back on track with loans up to $5,000, terms up to 24 months, and rates as low as 0.99%.

If you need more cash or a longer term, you can borrow up to $50,000 in a GOLD Personal Loan and stretch your term as long as 6 years with a highly competitive interest rate.

Rates effective 07/01/2020

GOLD Hardship Loan (up to $5,000)
Terms APR1 as low as
Up to 6 Months 0.99%
7-12 Months 1.99%
13-24 Months 2.99%
GOLD Personal Loan (up to $50,000)
Terms APR1 as low as
Up to 24 Months 4.75%
25-36 Months 5.75%
37-48 Months 5.75%
49-60 Months 6.75%
61-72 Months 7.75%
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GOLD makes it easy to borrow

With a GOLD Personal Loan,1 we help you customize a loan that fits your needs. As an unsecured signature loan, it requires no collateral and offers maximum flexibility. You'll receive one lump sum and pay it back in fixed monthly or biweekly payments.

  • Borrow up to a maximum of $50,000
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Flexible terms of up to 72 months
  • No collateral2
  • No prepayment penalties or fees
  • Fast, easy online approval process


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GOLD Share Secured Loan

Don't have the best credit score? Our Share Secured Loan is ideal for borrowers with damaged or no credit. You borrow against the balance of your existing GOLD Share Savings Account and receive a low-rate loan3 to be repaid in fixed monthly payments.

Even better? You continue to earn dividends on the full balance of your account.

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Borrow with peace of mind

We love helping our Members achieve their goals — financial and otherwise — but we understand that life isn't always so cheery.

That's why GOLD Credit Union is here even when things go astray. Our Credit Insurance can help protect you against missed loan payments, should you face debilitating injury or illness. It's the best way to keep your family covered in times of crisis.

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Compare your options

Prefer access to funds over time? A GOLD Personal Line of Credit (PLOC) may better accommodate your borrowing needs.

Personal loans your way!

Call 484-223-4216 for a free quote or apply for your GOLD Personal Loan online. 

1 Credit Union eligibility and Membership are required prior to opening an account or loan. Rate, term, and loan amount vary based on credit review. Not all applicants will qualify for approval. Other fees, terms, and conditions may apply. 2 GOLD Credit Union has the discretion to require collateral as a condition for approval. 3 Contact Credit Union for rate information.

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