Checking is Better at GOLD

What's it like to do your spending and saving at GOLD? Well, you'll have all the tools and convenience you expect:

  • Visa debit card accepted around the world
  • Online banking with bill pay that puts the payment control in your hands
  • Mobile app to let you manage your accounts on the go and deposit checks from anywhere
  • A network of ATMs 55,000+ strong with zero fees to access cash
  • Overdraft protection that doesn't charge a transfer fee
  • Two account options to match your needs and habits
  • No minimum balance or monthly fees

The real difference of banking with GOLD is our heart. This is what you'll find at GOLD that feels like home:

  • A friendly, live human that picks up the phone when you call
  • No surprise fees designed to trip you up (we charge 1/3 of the fees compared to our credit union peers*)
  • An account that earns you dividends on your deposits, no matter how large or how small
  • A switch kit to automate making the change from old to GOLD, moving your direct deposit and automatic payments with just a few clicks
  • No judgment if you've struggled to maintain an account in the past


Put Your Checking Account to Work

Your money doesn't just sit around looking pretty in your GOLD Checking account, it's working hard earning you dividends! GOLD isn't stuffing corporate pockets with profits, we're investing back in you. That includes paying dividends on both of our checking account options.

Rates are effective as of 12/01/2023

Account Minimum Balance Dividend Rate APY1
GOLD Standard Checking $0 0.05% 0.05%
GOLD Medal Checking $0 0.25% 0.25%

How do you decide which checking account is right for you? Keep scrolling for all the details of our GOLD Standard Checking, designed to work for anyone with no special requirements, and our GOLD Medal Checking, the account for members who want to take advantage of all the ways GOLD can help and rewards you with higher dividends, loan discounts, and more.

* In 2020, GOLD Credit Union charged an average of $51 in fees per member while our credit union peers charged an average of $151 per member according to financial benchmark analysis by Callahan & Associates.1 APY=Annual Percentage Yield. Rates are subject to change at any time without notice. Credit union eligibility and membership are required prior to opening an account or loan. See credit union for additional terms and conditions.
GOLD-Medal-Checking-Happy-Couple GOLD-Medal-Checking-Happy-Couple

GOLD Medal Checking

GOLD is built on the belief that together, we can do great things. When you go all in at GOLD by choosing us as the place to do your everyday spending and saving, you're putting your resources to work not just for yourself, but for the whole GOLD membership family. As a not-for-profit credit union, one of the ways we funnel earnings and savings back to our most loyal members is through GOLD Medal Checking2, the account designed for anyone who uses GOLD as their home base for banking. 

In addition to all the great standard features and benefits of GOLD Standard Checking, GOLD Medal Checking members earn these bonus perks:

  • Significantly higher dividend earnings on your account balance than GOLD Savings or Standard Checking
  • ​Free checks, always3
  • Loan relationship pricing discount4

Relationship Pricing Discount on GOLD Loans4

Members with GOLD Medal Checking are eligible for lower rates on new loans with GOLD when automatic payments are enabled. Save 0.25% on the applicable annual percentage rate of new fixed rate Home Equity, Auto, Recreational Vehicle, and Personal Loans.

How to Get GOLD Medal Checking

Not a member yet? Complete your online member application and be sure to select GOLD Medal Checking when picking products at account opening. 

Already a member, but no checking account? Give us a call at 484-223-4200 to open your GOLD Medal Checking.

Want to convert your standard checking to GOLD Medal? We're happy to make the upgrade for you! Your account number, debit card, and checks will all stay the same. Call the team at 484-223-4200 to get your GOLD Medal perks!

Credit union eligibility and membership are required prior to opening an account. To maintain eligibility for a GOLD Medal Checking account, members must have a minimum of $850 per month in deposits, $750 per month in withdrawals, and an active GOLD Debit or Credit Card. If the account does not meet these requirements for six consecutive monthly statement periods, the account will be converted to the GOLD Standard Checking account by the end of the seventh monthly statement period. Fees could reduce earnings; see fee schedule.GOLD Medal Checking account includes free personalized traditional checks. GOLD Medal Checking account holders are eligible for a .25% discount of the applicable annual percentage rate on new fixed rate home equity, auto, recreational vehicle, and personal loans. Discount is not retroactive to loans funded prior to opening GOLD Medal Checking. Direct deposit and automatic payments must be set up for the new loan to be eligible. If automatic payments are disabled or member no longer holds a GOLD Medal Checking account, loan rate discount will be removed effective at the time of the change in status. Monthly payments are calculated at the non-discounted rate. Not all applicants will qualify for loan approval. Other terms and conditions may apply. See credit union for details.
GOLD-Standard-Checking-Father-Daughter GOLD-Standard-Checking-Father-Daughter

GOLD Standard Checking

This is our no-frills, keep it simple, serve you well GOLD Standard Checking1. Because there are no minimum balances, deposits, or transactions, this is a great first checking account for our youth members with a GOLDen Future Account and other members at the beginning of their journey to financial independence. 

With GOLD Standard Checking, you can count on incredible service from our team, no monthly fees, easy management 24/7 through Online Banking and the GOLD App, and access to cash wherever your roam through our Allpoint ATM network.

1 Credit union eligibility and membership are required prior to opening an account or loan. See credit union for additional terms and conditions.

Swipe & Pay Anywhere

Your free GOLD Debit Card works wherever you find the Visa® logo—and gives you access to over 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs worldwide. It’s the perfect complement to your GOLD Checking account, helping you make secure purchases on the go. With 24/7 fraud protection and an embedded EMV chip, you can count on GOLD to put your safety first.

Since your debit card and checking account are linked, it’s simple to manage your funds. When you’re out shopping or filling up your tank, the money is drawn directly from your checking account, and you'll be able to easily keep track of any activity through online banking. 

Avoiding Overdrafts

Listen, overdrafts happen, but returned checks, non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees and rejected ACH transactions are fees we want to help you avoid. That’s why we provide real overdraft protection with every GOLD Checking account. We’ll link it to your GOLD Share Savings account or GOLD Personal Line of Credit. With overdraft protection established, your backup account steps in to make the payment that would have otherwise overdrawn your account. And unlike some institutions, we won't charge you for that transfer; that's what a real safety net looks like.

Please refer to our fee schedule for full details of costs and charges.

Swoosh for CheckRight Mobile Swoosh for CheckRight CheckRight-Laptop


CheckRight is an elearning tool designed to teach you how to manage your checking account. Whether you've never had a checking account before or have had account challenges in the past, CheckRight can help you get on the right track. 

The course takes about 15 minutes to complete and will guide you through real-life situations where you'll learn: 

  • The benefits of having and using a checking account
  • The ease and convenience of online banking
  • How to deal with account challenges such as missed due dates and overdrafts
  • What ChexSystems is and how to overcome any challenges associated with it 
Get Started with CheckRight

Get started with your GOLD Checking account.

Already a member? Give us a call at 484-223-4200 to open GOLD Medal Checking. You can call or sign into GOLD Online Banking to open GOLD Standard Checking. Once you're logged in, just click "Account Services" then "Open a Sub Account" and select "Checking."

Not a member yet? No worries! You can become one and open your checking account at the same time. 

Become a Member

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