The GOLD difference

We have a different view on fees than our counterparts. We don't like 'em, so why should you?

At GOLD, we charge fees when we do extra things for you. For example, if we have to complete a lengthy real estate subordination, we'll probably charge you for the effort. What we won't charge are monthly fees, fees for using your debit card too much or too little, or fees because it's a Tuesday and we feel like it.

Fee Schedule

Effective Date: April 1, 2021

The following fees and transaction limitations may be assessed against your account, if applicable.

GOLD Checking and GOLD Share Savings Fee
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) or Unavailable Funds $35.00
Returned Deposit Item $15.00
Account Statements, Transaction History, and Check Copies (per item) $5.00
Account Statements, Transaction History, and Check Copies Through GOLD Online Banking Free
Certified Check $5.00
Non-member Check Cashing $5.00
Official Check Stop Payment (Affidavit required) $35.00
Stop Payment (Per individual ACH or check or sequential group of ACH transactions or checks) $30.00
Stale Dated Official Check (1) $35.00
GOLD Credit Card and GOLD Debit Card Fee
PIN Based Transactions Free
Signature Based Transactions Free
Card Replacement $10.00
Card Sent to Alternate Address $20.00
Express Card Replacement $50.00
Foreign Transaction Fee (International card transactions only) Up to 1% of Transaction
Miscellaneous Fee
Account Research and Balancing ($25 per hour with a minimum charge of ½ hour) $25.00
Negative Account Balance (Charged on third day of negative balance) $20.00
Third Party Official Check (Per check fee) (2)  $10.00
Bad Address (Fee charged when Credit Union notified via Post Office) $5.00
Bad Address (Charged the last day of each month until a valid address is provided) $5.00
Backup Withholding $25.00
Writs, IRS Levies, Domestic Relation Orders, and other legal requests (3) $100.00
Foreign Check Fee $20.00
Dormant Account - No activity within 24 months (per month) $5.00
PA Escheat Fee $100.00
Loans Fee
Returned Loan Payment $35.00


Other fees as disclosed on signed Notes and Disclosure statements

(1) Official check that has not been negotiated by 360 days from issue date.
(2) Fee only applies if the withdrawal is coming from an account other than a checking account.
(3) Plus attorney fees.

View PDF version of the GOLD Credit Union Fee Schedule.

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