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With GOLD Online Banking and the GOLD App, you can access your accounts in real time, giving you more control over your finances than ever before. Whether you'd like to set up a budget, track your spending habits, or set aside savings for your child's education, GOLD has the tools you need to succeed.

Your money at your fingertips — it's easy too!

GOLD Online Banking offers you freedom, flexibility, and convenience by helping you access your accounts securely anywhere, anytime. Enjoy the benefits of banking on the go with these free features:

View your money - GOLD Online Banking

  • Account Balances: Ignorance isn’t bliss when it comes to your finances. Always know where you stand by viewing your account balances at a glance.
  • Transaction History: View a record of your transactions — including pending GOLD Debit and Credit Card authorizations — in real time.
  • GOLD eStatements: Cut down on the paper clutter invading your dining room table by signing up for GOLD eStatements. Receive and track your monthly account statements online for easy access and archiving. (Hint: This makes tax season a breeze!)

Move your money - GOLD Online Banking

  • Transfers: Transfer funds between your GOLD accounts to move your cash fast. Schedule a one-time transfer or set up recurring transfers to help you meet your financial goals. You can even send funds to other Members — helping you avoid that sinking feeling of not having enough cash on hand to cover your share of the check for Sunday brunch.
  • External A2A Transfers: Transfer funds between your Savings or Checking Account at GOLD Credit Union and your accounts at other financial institutions. These take two to four days to process so they're perfect for routine transfers.
  • GOLD Bill Pay:  Pay bills securely and conveniently. You can schedule immediate, future, or recurring payments and add or edit payees at your convenience. Need to pay a person? Send a payment to anyone you'd like.
  • Cash Advances: Need some money to tide you over until payday? Transfer a cash advance from your GOLD Credit Card to your GOLD Checking or GOLD Saving Account to bridge that gap — whether it’s $40 to go toward your electric bill or $5,000 to pay off a high-interest credit card elsewhere. Better yet? There’s no fee!
  • Check Withdrawal: Need an old-fashioned check made out to you? Order one up, and we’ll have it in the mail to you by the next business day.

Manage your cards - GOLD Online Banking

  • Card Activation: Activate your new GOLD Debit or Credit Card online 24/7.
  • Card Security: Report your GOLD Debit or Credit Card lost or stolen 24/7. Think you just misplaced your card? Freeze your card instantly. We’ll help you reactivate it once you track it down.

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Switching Banks?

Open your new account at GOLD, then transition to using your new account with just a few clicks.

  • ClickSWITCH: Enjoy a simple way of switching your automatic payments and direct deposits from your old account to your new account with the help of ClickSWITCH. This online tool works quickly and securely by contacting your billers and depositors to update your accounts.

Bank anywhere. Download the GOLD App.

Download the GOLD App to make payments, transfer funds, and deposit checks with just a few taps.

View Your Money - GOLD App

  • Account Balances: Get fast access to your most important financial information by viewing your account balances at a glance. You can select which accounts you want to see by editing your Mobile Settings under Options in GOLD Online Banking.
  • Transaction History: View your transaction history for the past 30 days to help you manage your funds in real time.

Move Your Money - GOLD App

  • Transfers: The days of being tethered to your desktop for online purchases are over. For ultimate flexibility, transfer money between any Checking, Savings, or Loan Accounts you see in your GOLD App from wherever you happen to be at the moment. You can also initiate transfers to External A2A accounts you’ve registered through Online Banking previously.
  • GOLD Bill Pay: Pay your bills on the go with GOLD Bill Pay. You can set up new payees and pay them at any time using your app.

Deposit Your Money - GOLD App

  • Deposit Checks: Don’t waste your lunch break — and gas money — driving to the Credit Union to deposit a check.¹ Select “Make Deposits” and snap a photo of the front and back of your endorsed check. 
    • Please remember to sign/endorse the back of your check. Check the box that says, "For mobile deposit at," and write "GOLD CU" on the line provided. If there is no spot to check a box or write your financial institution's name on the line, please write "For GOLD CU mobile deposit" under your signature. Otherwise, your deposit may be rejected. If you have questions, please call 484-223-4200.

Manage Your Account - GOLD App

  • Personal Settings: Choose your custom landing page, so that you see the exact information you’re looking for as soon as you sign in. You can also change your password for both Online Banking and the GOLD App right from within the app.

Get the GOLD App!

Download the free GOLD App for Apple or Android.

¹ Checks deposited via GOLD App are subject to the funds availability, terms and conditions outlined in the Remote Deposit Anywhere Agreement. Other limitations may apply. See Credit Union for details.

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