Save for what matters to you.

Customize your savings with a club account.

Whether you're saving up for your happily ever after, dream vacation, the holidays, or something one-of-a-kind, we've got club accounts that are designed to help you reach your goal faster. 

Combining your emergency fund, general savings, and money for those future purchases into a single savings account is confusing. Open personalized club accounts instead; you can have as many as you need! With the money separate, you'll be able to easily measure your progress against individual savings goals. Set up automatic transfers for payday, then sit back and watch your savings grow.  

Your GOLD Club Account1 is designed for you: 

  • No minimum or opening balance
  • No service charges, fees, or withdrawal penalties2
  • Use as overdraft protection
  • Earn money through dividends
  • Open multiple club accounts within the same Membership
A family with a mother, father, and toddler preparing food in a kitchen A family with a mother, father, and toddler preparing food in a kitchen

Holiday Club Account

If you've ever felt like your budget falls apart at the end of the year when holiday spending begins, the GOLD Holiday Club Account is for you. Open your account, start saving, and never worry about breaking your budget during the holidays again. 

A holiday club accounts helps you save for the holidays all year long. By the time your account matures on September 30 of each year, your holidays will be fully funded and you can close out the year stress-free. 

Open a Holiday Club Account
A woman, man, and dog in a rowboat on a lake

Vacation Club Account

What's your dream vacation? Tropical beaches and magical sunsets? A cozy cabin nestled among snow-covered mountains? Exploring old-world European cities? Whichever location is more your speed, your dream vacation is within reach with the saving power of a GOLD Vacation Club Account. 

Decide on your goal, set up automatic transfers, and save throughout the year. Before you know it, you'll be ready to book your dream vacation.



Open a Vacation Club Account
A woman sitting on a couch with a mug and playing with a dog A woman sitting on a couch with a mug and playing with a dog

Custom Club Account

The GOLD Vacation and Holiday Club Accounts have the goal in the name. What if you're saving for something else? The GOLD Custom Club Account can be whatever you want it to be. Use it to save for the dreams you want to make a future reality. 

Are you saving up for a down payment to buy your first house? Planning an upgrade to a bigger vehicle? Preparing to say, "I do," in your dream wedding? The Custom Club Account will help you get there.

Open a Custom Club Account

Enjoy a new way to save with your GOLD Club account.

Log into GOLD Online Banking and click on "Account Services" at the top, then click "Open a Sub Account." Or give us a call and we'll open your new account over the phone: 484-223-4200.

1 Credit Union eligibility and Membership are required prior to opening an account. Verification or affirmation of Membership eligibility may be required. The full balance of the Holiday Club account will transfer to the share account of the Member's designation on October 1 of each year, for as long as the account is opened. Other terms and conditions may apply. See credit union for details. 2 Other terms and conditions may apply. See fee schedule for details. 

Open your personalized club account

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