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GOLD Credit Union features smsGuardian, an anti-fraud text alert notification service geared to protect you, our valued member, against fraud on your GOLD Debit  Card or GOLD Credit Card.

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Provides you with 24/7 fraud protection!

smsGuardian is an anti-fraud text alert notification service that sends transaction alerts directly to your mobile phone in the event there is suspicious activity on your GOLD Debit  Card or GOLD Credit Card. This added layer of security enables you to identify and stop fraudulent activity immediately, giving you control of your cards that can make a powerful impact on the security of you and your funds.

If you receive a text alert please review the message carefully. If the transaction is authorized, DO NOTHING. The transaction will be processed normally. However, if the transaction is not legitimate, reply to the text message immediately following the text directions received. Your GOLD Debit  Card or GOLD Credit Card will be canceled immediately blocking any future transactions, and a new card will be issued automatically. You will be contacted by a Fraud Analyst for further action, and if any fraudulent items did post, you’ll be able to dispute them and we’ll take care of you throughout that process. 

When using smsGuardian, cardholders can select a time zone for their location and set “Do Not Disturb” times. Any messages sent during your designated “Do Not Disturb” period will be sent to you right after that period ends.

Enrollment is completely voluntary and valid for one year. However it can be easily renewed or canceled at any time. You will receive a reminder to renew prior to the expiration date.

This service is provided by smsGuardian free to our members.  Message and text rates may apply depending on your phone carrier or plan.

What triggers a text alert?
smsGuardian will send a text to you when one of the following situations occur:

  • International transactions
  • Authorizations greater than $300.00
  • 5 or more transactions completed within 24 hours
  • “Card Not Present” transactions (online shopping, etc.)
  • Out of state transactions

How to enroll?
To enroll, you will need the following information:

  • Card number
  • 3 digit CVV code
  • Card expiration date
  • Last 4 digits of primary cardholder’s SSN
  • Phone number of the device you wish to receive the text alerts
  • To complete enrollment, you will need to send a text containing the enrollment code provided to “27576”

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For Your Information:
Frequency of Messages: The number of alerts you receive will be based on your card usage. You will not receive more than one message per transaction on each enrolled card. In your preference settings you will have the ability to setup a “Do Not Disturb” window. During this period, your messages will be held and sent when your “Do Not Disturb” time has ended.

To Discontinue Service: You may cancel this service anytime by replying to a text alert with the word STOP or by texting the word STOP to “27576”. You may also unsubscribe from this service entirely by accessing smsGuardian’s website.

Service Expiration: This service expires every 12 months. You will receive a renewal text prior to your expiration date and may respond as indicated to continue your service. Renewal may also be completed by logging into the smsGuardian website and renew your subscription.

Remember GOLD Credit Union will NEVER request your personal or financial account information via text message.

If you have any questions about fraud, or matters concerning other scams, please contact GOLD Credit Union at 484-223-4200, Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM-5:00 PM ET.

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